History & Heritage

Universal Sports Industries is run by the Chadha Family who have their roots in this Industry since 1920.The Family started manufacturing Soft Leather Sports Goods in Sialkot (Now In Pakistan) & shifted to Jalandhar in Punjab (India)after partition ,


Late Mr Hans Raj Chadha kept involved in the manufacturing of Sports Goods after coming to Jalandhar. 


In 1965,


His Sons Late Mr Ayodhia Nath Chadha & Mr Pran Nath Chadha started their own venture with a meagre sum of Rs 10000/-.The Brothers' dedication and hardwork lead to the growth of the company. 


The next 10 years


Were spent in setting up the product lines in the Domestic Market and organization of the Factory . 


In 1977 ,



The Company started Exports to U.K. and Australia .The company grew manifold during these years . 

A lot of knowledge and experience was gained during these years . High Quality standards were set during this set which have become the foundation of our brand . 


Around 1990 ,


Universal specialized into manufacturing of Boxing equipment.Eventually We developed many products for Martial Arts.With the passage of some time we ventured into manufacturing Fitness Accessories like Fitness Gloves , Belts , straps , Wraps , etc. 

Around this time , we also developed many Hardware (metal) products for these lines . 


In 2000 ,


A Production unit was set up for manufacturing Clothing related to Boxing , Martial Arts & Fitness .


Around 2000-2003,


Mixed Martial Arts also became a dominant combat sport around the world and Universal Developed an entire line of products to cater to this sport .


2008 onwards,


We have been working on developing Functional training products and endeavour to became a leading name in this line .